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A "KIWI" AT IKASBIDEA (Interview to Rebecca McIntyre)


Question: Hi Bex, which part of New Zealand do you come from?
Answer: I am from Palmerston North, in the North Island.
Q: What did you study at university?
A: I studied a Business degree (double major): Marketing and Economics.
Q: Why did you decide to come to the Basque Country?
A: While working for a university I became interested in language and culture and wanted to experience living and learning in a different country. I applied to a programme with the Spanish Embassy as I’ve always wanted to visit this country and I was placed in the Basque Country.
Q: What was your first impression about us?
A: The Basque Country is very different and beautiful. I arrived in January, it was a shock to experience winter. I was told by locals that Vitoria-Gasteiz is also known as “Siberia-Gasteiz”.
Q: What do you think about Vitoria-Gasteiz and our culture?
A: I love it. I think it is passionate, unique and rich in history. I think your lifestyle is good, healthy and you value the family, which is good. I think people here are genuine.
Q: What are the most different things between New Zealand and the Basque Country?
A: Almost everything! The countryside reminds me of my city at home. The food and daily life is a little different. Main meals are eaten much later here. The food is very natural and fresh. I specialy like the amazing “pintxos”!!
Q: Do you find it difficult to communicate with people in ordinary activities such as going to the supermarket?
A: It is very challenging for me, but it is the way to learn a new language and culture. Shopping is always fun for me. I don’t always go to the same shop. I always try to speak Spanish in shops and shop assistants sometimes stare at me in surprise.
Q: Honestly, do you think Basque students have a good English level?
A: Yes, definitely. I was surprised and impressed when I arrived at school. Your English is good. Students are shy about speaking but no need to be. Confidence comes with practice.
Q: What things do you miss here from your country?
A: Family, friends, food. But I’m loving the Basque Country and I’m travelling around to see and experience as much as I can.
Q: I suppose you have had many funny anecdotes here. Please, tell us one.
A: I once went to a restaurant with another language assistant. We were new, just a week, we ordered a set menu and ordered “Fresh fruit” for dessert. We both thought they  would serve something like a fruit salad, but when we saw just a pear and a knife on a plate we started laughing.
Q: Thank you very much, Rebbeca.



Ya está disponible toda la información sobre el II CAMPUS DE VERANO en Ikastola 

Este año dispondremos de dos opciones :

  • II Campus de Verano : Juegos, Talleres, Hinchables y mucho más
  • NOVEDAD (Campus Tecnológico) : Robótica, Experimentos, Deporte y mucho más.

Inscripcciones del 22 de Abril al 28 de Mayo : Abierto a alumnos-as de otros centros.

Encuentra toda la información aquí : precios, horarios, contactos ...


My week in Eco School


     This week has been very nice.

     First, because I've stopped thinking about the school. I've been able to relax in a clean, in a green environment. I´ve learned about the natives’ pronunciation, and I believe that now I can speak better.

     Also, we did a photography and video workshop. It was great! Then, the teachers edited the videos and we enjoyed the great time watching our videos. We watched our photos too.

     We have learned about the environment. Now we know that the glass never decomposes, and we can reuse a plastic bottle as many times as we want to. We know how to recycle.

     Then, we did first aid workshop. If you are with someone that chokes, you have to be ready.

    We also learned about the energy, and there are two types: reusable energy and non-reusable energy. We can do a furnace working with solar energy. We know how works a nuclear central and its only (and ridiculous) purpose: to heat water.

     Also, there was a workshop about the vegetable patch and we did a flowerpot for a lettuce. It had an awesome irrigation system. We took it home.

     I liked very much the travel to the mountain. Walking, we have had the opportunity to talk with teachers while we watched the landscape.

     And, to finish, I really liked the disco and  Jessica´s dances (I don´t remember if they were Irish or Scottish). I like dancing, and it´s very funny to see how dance the other people.



Iturribero Mendi Taldea - 13 de Abril


Por medio de esta nota recordaros que, según el nuevo calendario de la temporada 2013-14 el domingo de esta semana, el domingo de esta semana, 6 de abril, 13 de abril, nos acercaremos al monte Peñalba. Dificultad: MEDIA.

Más información en la página del club Iturribero Mendi Taldea o a través de la página de Facebook.

La Ikastola Ikasbidea IPI quiere manifestar su desacuerdo con la fecha que ha elegido la Federación de ikastolas para celebrar el Ibilaldia


La Ikastola Ikasbidea IPI quiere manifestar su desacuerdo con  la fecha que ha elegido la Federación de ikastolas para celebrar el Ibilaldia:

Ante la polémica generada por el hecho de que la Federación de Ikastolas haya hecho coincidir el Ibilaldia con la Fiesta de la Escuela Pública Vasca que estaba anunciada para el próximo 1 de junio, la Ikastola Ikasbidea IPI desea manifestar lo siguiente:

-No es de ninguna manera aceptable que se pretenda hacer coincidir la fiesta de las Ikastolas en fecha y territorio con el día de la Escuela Pública Vasca en la CAV.

-La Federación de Ikastolas ha actuado con precipitación y falta de sensibilidad.

-Resulta incomprensible que la Federación de Ikastolas haya anunciado su decisión sin acuerdo ni consentimiento previo de EHIGE (Euskal Herriko Ikasleen Gurasoen Elkartearekin), organizadora de la fiesta de la Escuela Pública.

-Por encima de legítimos intereses particulares, los diferentes agentes educativos que trabajamos a favor y por el Euskera, estamos obligados a llegar a un entendimiento. para que el EUSKARA no resulte dañado.

Por todo ello, el profesorado de la Ikastola Ikasbidea I.P.I. solicita a la Federación de ikastolas que reconsidere su posición y busque una solución alternativa para que se puedan celebrar estas dos fiestas a favor del Euskara con toda normalidad.

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